Indisputable Dialogue

DialogueBrittle arguments that shatter with the slightest opposition, due to their lack of integrity and validity. Intelligent words of wisdom, which seem absurd to the counterpart, gain excellent ground to rational thinkers. Whereas the intended illiberal audience, close their senses and goes back to la la land. Cultures have somehow agreed that some topics never come to an honest agreement, therefore they are unnecessary and are not worth any time for discussion. This in turn creates a Indisputable Dialogue that holds humanity back.

One single quote from the lovely Alison Mosshart, Love is just a dialogue, mentions just one of the fanatics written in stone. The implementation of this absurdity provides comfort and predictability, a symmetry that no human being can let go of. Creativity has no place were the action is taking place, or in its stages of planning. It is an evil act to suggest change in the perfectly symmetrical pyramid structure, in the individual quest for doctoral perfection regarding any pre-written dialogue. Looks, Linguistics and Physique included.

The individual will sooner or later, when leaving her comfort zone, find it hard to say the right words in certain situations. Her psyche has to spark that special intelligence, not used since childhood. A unique scientific method. The curious childhood attitude of wondering, testing, experimenting, analyzing and concluding. Without past experience or present expectations. Much can be lost, but allot can be gained. When fighting any Indisputable Dialogue.

The unexamined life is not worth livingSocrates

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