Childhood Collectivism

Choral GroupInterdependence among children, regarding intellect, is mandatory. In order for the child to understand the ethical and normal stereotype within her circle. Common sense and logical structures have been past down from parents, and gets reflected during play with other individuals her age. Being a living, breathing and thinking individual never felt so good. Sadly, the structure collapses when obligated to fulfill her duty, public school. Education ruled by a political framework where the majority rules, disrupts individual identity and teaches acceptance towards unfair leadership. Childhood Collectivism creates segregated groups, hate towards abnormality and unnecessary self-hatred.

From ancient man to modern man, always filled with individuals grouping together for survival. Times ruled by fear and worship of the sun are long gone. Still, fairly new ideas of leadership mimic what we once was. Segregated groups divided from other like-minded masses, ironically still very similar, keep the legacy alive.

Insecurity towards unidentified groups of people, spawns an attitude of comparing. Judgmental thoughts are common and negative, as opposed to neutral, are the default. Losing a spot, means losing comfort. While hopelessly inexperienced with mindful independence and expectant of truth being delivered.

Liberating individualism may seem as the one light in the darkness. However, with the only known lifestyle regarding mutual dependence, deluded assumptions turn to depression and self-hatred. The twisted logic of a black and white mindset, what is good and what is bad, what could help and what could make things worse. Fails, and blames the failure on its author, the individual.

The individual never had a chance to properly form what she once started, albeit with the help of loving parenthood. Days, Months and Years move by with an impermanent emotional sine-wave. Much of which is due to, legitimate, choices that profit her existence. But leaves the clan behind. Perhaps The Truth will set You Free, but first it will make you Miserable.

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