Run for Fun

JoggingMuch of what the human being does on a daily basis, rarely lacks a “purpose” or goal. Much of our evolutionary strive starts on the unconscious level, then works its way up to become aware. Where it effectively becomes part of the flesh, and arouse the senses. The average-Joe earns his prefix by following a well known script, individual effort is simply solitary works coupled with depression. Apparently, real men work-out with a purpose. Only fools Run for Fun.

Many will argue the real purpose behind fanatic study of a subject, only to develop a “know-it-all” attitude with lacking social skills. Nerds, Poindexter’s and Geeks, all known and loved. Their entire livelihood is dedicated to analyze and understand the mechanics of the world. However, the shortwave communication they all equip, does not incorporate well with the FCC approved long-wave among the rest of the crowd. But there still is no depression, solitude or purpose. Only to be happy, knowing what you love.

Does there have to be a pre-written script, in order to define sanity. The next move is dangerously predictable by the observer, were the appropriate script is used as a key. Theories of a child’s development stages are put into practice, only to develop an education system that mimics a soldiers experience. Welcomed with the compassionate love of a mother, then kicked out with an obedient and insecure attitude. Knowing that everything has a beginning and end, purpose and goal. A world where only fools Run for Fun.

Paint it Black and White if you like, If it keeps you SaneShinedown

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