Critically Creative

One Way Or The OtherThe two dimensional perception, in the vicious circle of critical creativity, just gained a few extra dimensions. When trying to, practically, combine two completely different and nearly independent parts of the brain. Left and Right, Critical and Creative. The judgmental, black and white decision making scheme, backfires with too much information for conclusions. Though the logical assumption would be the protruding critical thinking, if there is such a thing as Critically Creative.

It was proven long ago, that our human brain is not a single entity. But rather two entities, divided into smaller parts with different tasks in the human body. With the development of neuroscience, confirmed assumptions of the link between the physical brain and human activity, saw the light of day. The left and right part of the brain has, roughly, two different academic doctrines. With the left focusing on critical judgment and the right with its focus on artistic perception. It is said that highly stimulating activities, such as singing or painting, makes active use of both sides together. But the integration on the individual level, in all activities, seems impractical.

Looking at the facts from outside the minds critical border, develops the realization that critical thinking is incapable of conclusions when combining two different fields of expression. Like two objects with opposite charge, that the conscious individual tries to push together. Which usually ends up in disaster, with deep cuts and jets of blood. But the funny thing is, you never left the critical border. In other words, you where thinking critically all along.

Creative thinking should be viewed as an essential supplement to, though not a replacement for, critical thinkingLloyd P. Provost & R. M. Sprout

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