Unknown Pre-Configuration

DNAThe first intentions are Unknown, but the final outcome is a balanced system in perfect harmony. Recurrence of the product, with the same design as before, brings suspicion of a possible Pre-Configuration. The magnetic balance of atoms and molecules, mixed with the perfect temperature and environmental regime, allows the species to evolve. Where the genetic code has an Unknown Pre-Configuration.

Unknown intentions behind a structure, random pieces of the puzzle falling in place, forms the genetic code. The repetitive gene pool begs for a Pre-Configuration, at least, in the human perception of time. Who would know, without the human curiosity, that Scientific Evidence could disprove the wild ideas of an intelligent designer, merely using logic and reason. Its an almost pathetic scenario, where the old and proven Greek mindset, gets replaced with fairy-tales of non-exciting martyrs. While mass conformity and comfort in ignorance increases, innovation and creativity decreases.

There must have been some period in the evolution of mankind, where it was acceptable or even necessary to keep the old clan-mind. Before She became intelligent the only way to stay alive was to stick together, when predators were constantly roaming in her domain. The days when it was dangerous to walk outside the door is long gone, but the old and outdated clan-mind is still there.

Every newborn child is told from the first day of her life, the seemingly importance of sticking together. When the perceived knowledge is mixed with the intelligence her species has accomplished, serious defects of judgment appear. The meaning of her entire existence is dependent on her connect to others and gets the highest priority, as opposed to expanding her mind and walking her own path.

Religion is about turning untested belief into unshakable truth through the power of institutions and the passage of timeRichard Dawkins

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