Them and Us Mentality

Holy WarFeeling different or disagreeing with the livelihood of others, is part of being human. Acceptance of the second party is out of the question, their ideas of the worlds ways are wrong. They need to change, not us. The world has always had a steady trend of fluctuations in cooperation between countries, cultures and philosophies. Ever since intelligent individuals woke up from The God Delusion, an apparent Them and Us Mentality rose to existence.

Not much needs too be true, it seems. As long as the lies, traditions, holy books etc. Has had enough time to delude peoples minds in timescales expressed in decades. The once unknown, made up, lullaby gains attention and ends up the biggest religious worship in the world. Many feel different from the original story, naturally, and constructs their own edit. Soon they gain equal attention and breaks off into their own branch. There will be fights between the two and hatred expressed in every form. But the mindset and codex is the same, ignorance in belief, and development stops once again.

In the midst of all the chaos, of what is true and valid belief. Very few chose to make up their own mind, and take the first opportunity to stand out from the crowd. The wise and intelligent individuals who makes an conscious effort, not to blame or explain everything in the terms of a divine being. The ones who do, creates ideas that can only be explained in modern terms. No wonder they get such attention in history.

With Inspiration From The Works Of, Sir Richard Dawkins

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