Terrestrial Reflection

Flower ReflectionTo further increase knowledge about the human mind, outside the perimeters of popular culture, requires some Reflection of words from the individual in question. Using famous behavioral patterns and stages of development described by famous psychologists only goes so far. Their description is plain black and white, to the point where it no longer sounds human.

There is many popular theories that concerns human behavior, and it’s cause. Highly intelligent researchers and professors spend their entire lifetime studying human beings, sometimes animals, to justify and confirm a new theory. When moral judgment, biological instinct and emotion is described using the Scientific Method, it sounds very vague and alien. It’s quite easy to fixate around the bluntly exhibited ideas when in quiet study in the subject, they gain acceptance due to the overwhelming amount of confirmed studies presented. It is only when effort is put into meditating, writing or reflecting on the ideas, pure and honest understanding can appear.

Preaching for individuality and mindful Independence is something that always should be accepted and encouraged. However, any human being in today’s world cannot avoid bumping in to another one of it’s kind. Wisdom of the weak allows the individual to help the worthy in times of weakness, while not tolerating the weak. Reflection of the situation or problem from the one in question will allow for an effective therapy, while avoiding the infectious and hard to dispose Self-Pity radiated.

The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave from reflectionThomas Paine

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