Perversion in Scientific Understanding

Beware Of PervertsReligious highlights in history, the dark ages, has left their scar in our Scientific Understanding. Even though acceptance is more evident than ever, understanding of the scientific theories carries a dark shadow filled with fear of solitude. When the theories are fanatically interpreted to the point of Perversion, still valid in context, their importance decreases and blind faith gains acceptance.

Its important to realize that no occupation will have all the answers, their study will only bring redundant perceptions of the questions asked. To take the easy way out and blindly follow the dogma in the words of some supposed divine being, is tempting. Since it allows the individual to live her life, without having to test new hypothesis and improving old theories of conduct and interpretation. Instead of seeing through the fears and experiencing the excitement that’s hidden behind them.

There is taboo in speaking directly from the mind and questioning what is perceived to be absurd. Inviting the debate is socially unacceptable, for the general agreement in politics and among society, is to avoid conflict. Even if the first intentions where out of curiosity and learning. Acceptance has come this far, hopefully this small matter will face the same fate as the Perversion in Scientific Understanding. With allot of empty words and pointless assumptions, until it dies and withers away.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and scienceAlbert Einstein

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