Human Again

Midninght DepressionTough periods of depression fluctuating through the life of an unfortunate individual, makes her forget what is considered human. Intuition becomes a conscious effort, when everything is painted black and the joys of the world is strictly viewed from a window. With her age-to-experience ratio dangerously low. Its never to late to rise from the darkness, filled with suicidal tendencies, and take the opportunity to be Human Again.

Its always the same, daily routine and pointless rituals are the only highlights the individual can look forward to. The rest of the few waking hours, are filled with new and creative ways to feel sadder than the day before. Self pity is the easiest philosophy to follow, in which the individual illuminates to the point of an ever closer enlightenment, suicide. Vague attempts for attention, in a society that requires human relations, never made any difference anyway; the individual speculates. Parties have already been satisfied, the individual finds her existence as a margin of error. Better accept her evolutionary status and let time sort it out.

Somewhere, in the overwhelming darkness, the individual finds a glimpse of meaningful existence. Just one insignificant thought that allows her the opportunity to see the whole spectrum again. It cannot be described in words of mouth, or careful analysis, but gives her meaning. It may be human instinct, or perhaps moral judgment learned in the past. Whatever the case, it allows her to be Human Again. She now finds her past, horrible experience as her unique strength in character. The individual has been hardened from the darkness she once had, and can move on with a new, rational, mind.

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Words Will Never Hurt MeAfrican Slaves of the U.S West

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