Dumbing Down

Im With StupidWhen the majority of population starts to get comfortable, in their ignorance of outside views, references to culture and innovation rapidly declines. Presence of the dangerous trait is more evident today, in the twenty-first century, than it ever has been in the past. The once common knowledge of a complex design is lost forever, and something only a handful individuals understand. A trend of Dumbing Down has risen, as well as its acceptance.

When the human spirit loses her touch with individualism and free-will, she is vulnerable to manipulation. Increased competition in mass media, forces her to absorb news releases by political parties and businesses. When their budget can no longer hold reports on foreign bureaus and correspondents. Simplified news-reports on celebrity gossip, entertainment marketing and over-hyped events takes the place of complicated arguments with value.

The clinging of school bells acts as an unnatural stimulus for the individual, the learned response is to drop everything personal and conform to authority, school. The worn out corridors, classrooms illuminated with florescent lighting and big closed doors makes her feel confined in her environment. She is forced to only communicate and learn with fellow students of the same age, the ones older than her knows more than she can imagine and the ones younger knows to little.

Privacy has no place in her profession, she is forced to do her work out in the open among other students. Constant surveillance by the teacher and notorious error checking using a pre-written key is performed. She is coached into addiction and dependent behavior, under the teachers higher intelligence, as well as emotional feedback. Her self-confidence has developed an absurd trait of constantly requiring confirmation by experts. By now she has little to no chance of individual spirit, of thinking and acting.

When you take the free will out of education, that turns it into schoolingJohn Taylor Gatto

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