Conform to the Mind

Businessmen MarchingShould the individual allow resignation to the minds agenda, or should she avoid it’s tempting invitation to take control. It’s difficult to see through the black and white nature of the dilemma, any supposed middle-ground is out of grasp. Slow digestion of the rapid development through meditation, writing or reflection is impossible. If only compromises where possible, Conform to the Mind.

It is now common knowledge, through redundant literature on the subject, that our free-will is attacked on and on by two daemons, moral and lust. Each individual may have more or less control of the two qualities, and it often regulates what she finds pleasant or troubling. Attempted Independence from the traits through moderation and compromise, is the illusion the victim uses to fool herself into confirmation-addiction and emotional dependence. Once she finds the true nature of her mind, it is usually to late.

Letting go, acting crazy or jumping in without consideration, is when the individual truly finds herself. Her past moral judgment is shattered, and lust has a chance to blossom. Complex rules of conduct and behavioral etiquette has no place when she express her gluttony of the worlds pleasures. Individualism grows and true Independence rises, when she gets the chance to shape her own agenda.

The reward for conformity was that everyone liked you, except yourselfRita Mae Brown

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