Unessential Feedback

RedirectingFeedback during the creative process is never a good thing. The one expressing opinion will unconsciously push the work in their own direction, therefore Feedback is Unessential. To ask for outside opinion, is a disguised form of asking for help, a Silver Bullet against personal Self-Expression.

Resistance against new ideas are not uncommon, they question the existing dynamics of how things should be and status quo. Many feel threatened by words without caution that challenges the norm, for it is granted that creative minds avoid outside stimulus. Therefore very little useful information can be extracted to carry the work to new levels, when the close friend has a totally different agenda in mind.

Asking for feedback or opinion during creation, will drown the personal touch, in the sea of moral responsibility. It is commonly discovered, when creating something deeply personal, that own creations greatly differs from common conclusions. Avoiding societies restrain of expression, speak from experience, do from free will and practicing honesty when in doubt.

Patterning your Life around other’s Opinions is nothing more than SlaveryLawana Blackwell

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