Technology, Addiction and Control

CellphonesEvery kind of occupation, hobby or pastime has a limit to it’s moderation. When that limit is reached, the Addiction soon develops. Routinely excessive exposure to what is pleasant, degrades any ability to Control the situation. The poor individual who’s fallen victim to lack of control, is vulnerable to utilization in anything against his will. The extreme expand of Technology has made the two traits more commonly recognized.

Technology keeps expanding, and is now a common sight wherever you look. Everyone has a cellphone in their pocket, computer at home and earbuds around their neck. Connection to people and storage of personal information is easier than ever, and available at any moment. The usage of Games, Music and Video has changed completely since their first introduction. Industry quickly sees the potential and adapts to the growing phenomena, whilst keeping their terms of service.

The apparatus is so easy to use and brings fulfilling emotions to the user, that Addiction gains acceptance. Machines always show acceptance to their user, never denies a command or talk back. It will never judge personal taste and choice of entertainment, but gladly recommend similar content. Distance from the machine, built to serve, will create abstinence and the user experience mild insanity. The uncomfortable feelings and emotions expressed are almost absurd, to be addicted to the entertainment provided by a machine.

Complete Control over the individual is the result of addiction to technology. The hysterical popularity of the latest cellphone on the market, makes the user see the potential the device has in his life. The popularity of the brand-new gleaming MacBook, makes it’s ownership create false fellowship with other users. Price is never an issue, you can always pay partially over a two to three year period. The possibility of a massive phone-bill never comes to mind, as long as you remain entertained. You lost control with the purchase, They gained it.

Computers are Useless, They can Only Give you AnswersPablo Picasso

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