See Through Reality

Telling SecretsThe common Philosophy What you see is what you get is not always true. Individuals you meet and communicate with have many secrets of their life, they not willfully share. Behavioral shaping by influential figures can give an almost predictable behavior in certain situations, if you knew who those figures where. Study of these concepts will bring new perceptions, and the ability to See Through Reality.

Reality can seem very strange and absurd at times, especially when unconscious effort has been put into moral judgment during solitary periods. Exchanging words and deeds between the impermanent movement, will make the actions taken feel pointless or fulfilling to the individual. It is these kind of outcomes which will form the agenda within the self, right or left, good or bad. The individual may have poor self-control, and let the reptilian mind take control when there is lack of moral judgment or past experience in the situation.

Asking the right questions, analysis in disguise, can reveal the root of the problem or conflict within the individual. Depending on the mental outlook, upbringing or influential stimulus, different questions will be asked with perfect honesty as the ultimate goal. Once confusion and doubt have been eliminated, the individual in question is ready to reveal it’s outlook on reality. In an act of compassion, or greed, the one who understand the language of the mind have the ability to shape the future. For better or worse.

Judgment, Not Passion, Should PrevailEpicharmus

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