Reasoning with Yourself

Artificial IntelligenceTruth, Knowledge and Belief have to have equal values for the individual to be sane. To find out the truth of phenomena using reasoning, not emotion. Finding the connections and similarities, where evidence can build up and belief become valid. Knowledge, Wisdom and Intelligence are the rewards from Reasoning with Yourself.

Truth arise from strong and valid evidence, individualism has no place where truth is obvious. The mix of skepticism and scientific evidence fuels the development and final agreement of what is true. Proving the finite structure of any object and it’s useful application among society, rarely happens over night. Defensive Criticism and Ignorance will increase the uncertainty, and the once bright idea is prone to wither away.

Belief in imaginary and nonexistent divine creatures, is neither sane or healthy. If, however, it follows the proven truth it can bring wisdom to the individual. Pondering the question and definition of intelligence between different minds, will bring impermanent conclusions among the rest of the crowd. Only personal belief can define that kind of question, for only the individual self know it’s capability and limitation.

Knowledge will come naturally to the one who agrees with proven facts, and put effort into questioning the new, without despising it. Knowledge is the middle path between the left and right hand of what is true and belief. Just like your conscious mind have to chose between what the reptilian wants, and what is ethically correct. You must validate truth and belief, with knowledge. In other words, find your own way and grow independence.

Truth is an Objective State Independent of the Individual

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