Physically Mental

Man And Woman JoggingTaking care of both body and soul is considered to be a good thing, though their balanced quantity is unsure. Once the individual has had a taste of physical or mental activity, substantial interest will fall in one of the categories and more effort is prone to be spent and cause imbalance. Nurturing the mind, or nurturing the body. Physically Mental.

It is said that physically active people usually have better mental health than average, almost immune to depression and seasonal blues. Due to their mind being fully occupied with controlling muscle movements, and drugged on addictive chemicals excreted throughout the body as a consequence. Many find the practice of exercising as a form of Meditation, letting go of thoughts and let the body work on it’s own. Although when the limit of moderation is reached, the athlete stops learning.

To lose the gift of learning, is to lose meaning and point to life. When the relic and reptilian mindset of bodily functions gets in the way of learning, knowledge will soon decay, One Step Forward, Two Steps Back. Improvements are made slowly but surely to the exercise, the athlete makes sure of that, endurance and overall strength soon overlaps average. Where as common sense sinks below it.

Dig Where the Gold is… Unless you need some ExerciseJohn M. Capozzi

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