Force-Fed Lies

Restraint Chair Used For Force FeedingWhen manipulation and false sympathy stops working, brute-force is used and the Lies are showed down the victims throat. The poor victim is over-staffed with ideas that disagree with his own individual self, and the right hand wont tolerate that kind of free-thinking. The method of Force-Feeding may not be very discrete, but it sure is effective.

Authorial figures fear only one thing, and with good reason, individualism. The leader knows that most of his sheep are far to frightened to make their own decisions, for it instills fear of being alone in the world. The leadership may seem safe and superior, when the leader use pretty words and clever speech patterns, communication at it’s best. All of it is false and repress the individual spirit. With that kind of livelihood, there is no chance for any creative works or unique personalities.

Throughout history people have been fearing, or experiencing, the horrifying experience of being forced to swallow ideas against their own will. Invasion after invasion, the goal is the same. Get people to agree, or make them agree. Children are beaten, teenagers brainwashed and adults are killed until everybody else agrees to follow the new and absurd leadership. Any disagreement or whine, you know whats comin’ for you.

War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is StrengthNineteen Eighty-Four Novel

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