Desire, Not Driving-Force

Desire To KnowThere is a general misconception, especially in the study of psychology, that the strive for education is a human Driving-Force rather than individual Desire. There will, obviously, be theories that agree with the idea, but not in general. The concept of a driving-force is an almost animal strive to satisfy the body, in different areas. Whereas Desire focuses on free-will.

The Driving-Force are within every human being. Examples of different forces include: Food, Water, Sleep, Sex and Homeostasis. You need to eat and drink, or you will certainly die. Your occupied mind needs rest, or it never has any chance to process the perceived information. You need to make good use of your reproductive system, before it fails and wither away. The close open environment needs to have the correct parameters, for your enclosed internal environment to be comfortable and fully functioning. After all, mankind is a animal to.

Desire is a product of free-will within the individual, freedom to chose mindful occupations and thought patterns. Therefore, the hunger for knowledge is a product of Desire, rather than Driving-Force. Though you cannot argue with the connection they both share. Slight fluctuations in the body and instinctive mindset, will have an impact on free-will. The agenda changes quickly, if not all needs are fulfilled.

Nothing Human Disgusts MeTennessee Williams

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