Demonic Society

People Of All ColorsThe Demonic nature of western Society. Lack of sociostasis is considered a mental illness, the victims are looked down upon and the masses feel pity. Social identification is more important than knowing the self and growing independence. Every form of public media imaginable stresses the importance of social networks and intimate relationships, not self-reliance.

The importance and appeal of any human being in today’s society, is judged by the scale of their social network. The strive to be like the one next you is so strong, that many will fool themselves by using virtual and inanimate methods of discussion. Sending text messages, talking on the phone, roam in a chat-room or fool around on Facebook. Valuable time is used to speak words without meaning, and there is little room for any serious discussion. For the first time in history we, the young generation, have to chose between letting technology improve our life, or let it dominate us. The jug fills by the drop, but this jug is leaking.

Whatever the case or situation, mental self-reliance and independence is not accepted. There are always needs to be fulfilled, if there isn’t any, then the needs are created. The billboards around you, and the images on TV tells you everything you need and want to hear. Reproduce, Buy, Consume, Work Eight Hours, Sleep Eight Hours. Be like everyone else, but don’t you dare be yourself.

I Believe in looking Reality Straight in the Eye and Denying itGarrison Keillor

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