Defensive Criticism

Defensive AlligatorAny narrow-minded individual will express Defensive Criticism when confronted with opinions against their personal beliefs. Compromises are not possible, the publicity of the defendants spirituality is at stake, prove him wrong or lose the battle. Evidence of disproof accounts for nothing, the one criticized needs to win the argument, in order to win his own internal battle.

There are unlimited views on the intention behind Criticism. Out of kindness, out of jealousy, out of cruelty, to name a few. The seemingly mature part of the argument, finds it his duty to Enlighten his ignorant pupil on what can be considered immature by the take of the majority. The jealous buddy criticizes the overwhelming wealth of his partner in crime, that all those One Night Stands and gallons of Jack Daniels will have him blue one day. The one who finished second, throws some evil and nasty words at the judges.

The source of all criticism is out of defense for personal opinion, irregardless of the situation. The born quality of empathy has withered away with time, compromises with individual spirituality are to sensitive to share, keep silent or lose your gift. The gift of creativity and secretive personality. Creative works of your intelligent mind are yours, and yours only. Sharing secrets of personality can have devastating outcomes.

The Individual is Handicapped by coming face-to-face with a Conspiracy so Monstrous he cannot Believe it ExistsJ. Edgar Hoover

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