Aware of the Unaware

Self Aware PlacardExperiencing the environment here and now among society on ground-level, or it’s insignificant place in the universe, is to be Aware of the Unaware. Mechanical movement around us forces us to focus, and we quickly forget our place in existence. That we are less than a grain of sand in this ginormous space. The importance of objects and tasks are judged by their proximity to us.

A typical day in any active individuals life, is full of signals and gestures, going in and out of it’s busy mind. Unconscious technicalities, whether intentional or not, are absorbed and alter the moral framework. Conscious efforts of communication and physical movement always have intention behind them, and will shape the moral outlook of partners in crime. Perceiving the road in front of us and objects blocking our path. Should you continue, or should you give up and turn around.

Primitive survival instincts and complex personal opinions, forces the self to direct it’s focus on what is close and important. Few come to the conclusion that much of it don’t matter. No matter what you do, say or feel. You will still be on the same earth, moving through space, around it’s mother star. Chemical and physical reactions of matter around in space will always take place. Both you and your kin, are insignificant in all of the chaos.

Most men’s awareness doesn’t extend past their dinner platesScott Westerfeld

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