Alligator Tears

Cat CryingUsing compassion and empathy against the victim is an accent practice, it occurs in humans as well as animals. The old method and saying of using Alligator Tears, pretending to be inferior in order to gain trust from the victim and strike when he least expect it. The poor Alligator is pouring tears, the compassionate animal moves closer with the intention of comforting, never to be seen again.

There is a myriad of communications going on between individuals, conscious and unconscious. Very few have strong enough Mindfulness to be aware of the small hints of muscle tension, eye gestures and speech patterns during peer-to-peer communication. With an active attitude full of physical movement, learning and lecturing. Not even the most self-aware individual is mindful enough to keep up.

Even the strong character will sometimes find it necessary to fool the victim of being inferior. It is a simple defence mechanism that have developed during his individual quest, once the language of the mind is mastered, compassion can be manipulated. It is said that no true leader would deprive themselves or others for personal profit, but when successful commercial products and overall society plays the role on a daily basis, acceptance may seem tolerable.

There is only One Good, Knowledge. And One Evil, IgnoranceSocrates

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