Wrong Question, Wrong Answer

Question MarkNo one can read minds, you can only ask questions to get any kind of picture, of what the other person is thinking. Although the one in question can distort their answers, in other words, lying. The Wrong Questions will bring the Wrong Answers. Latency is long, and bandwidth is limited. The character of your victim wont reveal itself.

Today’s modern man have, in a sense, two distinct personalities. One Thinking, and one Speaking. Active thought and imagination differs between individuals, but is still a large part of daily life for everyone. The constantly moving decisive mind tries to gain conclusions and level the playing field, between instinctive impulse and moral code. Unprocessed pieces of information are attacked by two daemons, where decision are in the line of fire. This battle are like no other, only one soldier is present, you.

When the question arrive, based on personal decision, the battle begins. The question is so new and absurd, valuable processor-time is used. The Strength in Character decides if to answer on the take of the majority, or to overcome the internal battle and speak with a deeply personal and spiritual answer.

Men are more Moral than they think, and Far More Immoral than they can ImagineSigmund Freud

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