War over Your Mind

TelevisionWhen the first rebels arrive, the ones who dare to disagree, the defensive criticism starts. Very few are able to see through the lies uttered by Radio Ga Ga. The rain of disinformation over Your Mind disables the Free Thinker, and enables the Ignorant Mind. Given enough Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll people are sure to obey.

We are all products of the environment we live in. From the first day of our newly gained consciousness, to the end of adolescence and beginning working class. A whole lifetime full of picking and choosing from the creative works of others. The cultural and creative spirit within you, never had a chance to flourish. The education system of today only allows for a small taste of it’s divine existence, no more, no less.

Very few grow the interest and are able to express their inner self-actualization. Social rules and unwritten laws are not part of the agenda. Once you understand the Scientific Method of the mind and emotional projection used by Radio Ga Ga, Liberal immunity can grow. Messages of obedience and perfection are not important, only to think freely.

As Political and Economical Freedom Diminishes, Sexual Freedom tends Compensatingly to IncreaseJulian Huxley

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