Smell the Future

Burning CrossReligion has had it’s day and done as much damage as the global community can take. It’s time to grow up, put your shoes on and smell the future. Because there ain’t any room for superstitions, dogma and blind ignorance. Welcome to the awakening.Binkiie4Dictator. That’s right Smell the Future.

To believe in something, without questioning or judgement, is never a good thing. And the methods of the religious authorities doesn’t brighten the picture. To use the cowardice approach of fooling their followers while they are young, once they are fooled they are lost forever. Nothing is holy, and never has been. It is nothing more than the authorial picture of having more power over the people than anyone else.

The followers are told to deny violence and greed, unless it’s for the good of the people or divine being. The leader himself, the prophet, demands blind leadership from his followers. He speaks the word of God and demands respect without judgement. Not unlike the kindergarten sandbox attitude.

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