Slow but Moving

OctaoxygenI am Slow but Moving. My physical structure is solid, and at no threat to my environment. But my mind is on a constant move, it never stops, never sleeps. The Stubborn and Rebellious outlook on life, brings confusion to the masses. The relic mindset of violence only accounts for what you can touch, not what the mind can create.

Octaoxygen, solid oxygen, is solid from the outside but moving within. It’s such a strange act to have something that is known for being gaseous or liquid, and to be find solid. Still the molecules of oxygen are moving around, bouncing in to each other, only more slowly than before. The eight electrons around it’s nucleus are moving, like a wave. Both solid objects and waves at the same time, not unlike an identity crisis.

Just like the complex nature of the human being. We perceive our selves, and the people around us, as solid objects. We have our arms, legs and head to identify with. Some like to spend valuable time grooming and nurturing their physical parts, to create the perfect First Impression. Others study it’s unconscious way of communication. Little time and effort is put in the source of behaviour, the mind.

The mind is truly Slow but Moving. It expresses little physical action, but is active in it’s own unique manner. Creating and controlling the body of it’s carrier, while attempting to fulfill absolute comfort in it’s landscape.

If you Control Yourself, You Control the Mind

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