Romantic Hero

SupermanThe demonic and heavenly realm of western mythology is something rarely discussed, but apparent in daily life. The cliche plot of cyberpunk films and literature. A society once heavenly, now in the demonic realm. With the arrival of a Romantic Hero, rebellion against the demonic authority start. Soon to be heavenly again.

The sky is littered with dark clouds and the ground is burning uncontrolled. People are hiding in the debris from fallen buildings, paralyzed by fear and misery. Their attempted rebellion against authority, forced on the people, backfired. Men, Women and Children where lost in the retreat. Their bodies are scattered along the fiery field, and receives no respect or mercy from the rulers corporate sheep.

Then, out of nowhere, comes a seemingly ordinary citizen. One who questions authority through logic and reason, not from pure emotion. His journey through life has been filled with as much hardship and pain as everyone else. Both material and sentimental loot has been taken from him by the demonic authority. His personal outlook is mixed with his own logic, and emotional response from the public. When he looks the evil one in the eyes, he bases his actions on what he once had, and the outcome is aggression.

The Real Hero is Always a Hero by Mistake, He Dreams of being an honest Coward like Everybody ElseUmberto Eco

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