Risk over Safety

Safety PinsTwo ways. One risky, one safe. One possibility, one cowardice. This is how most people judge their situation, or should. From experience, to stay safe and not take the risk. Or admit you don’t know what you are doing, and take the risk. You can sit down and watch the action take place, or be a part of it. It’s always a great opportunity for growth, Risk over Safety.

To wait and not do anything, watching the world run by, for an infinity. Wait for the opportunity to do something, and not creating or contributing in any way. The lack of creativity and stamina can make anyone go mad, it could be some external force in your living environment or just yourself. That you literally don’t get what you need, the most basic needs are not fulfilled and you demand compensation. It could be that you have had everything handed to you in the past, and you expect the same in the future. Sadly, your prediction was incorrect and you feel terrible.

If you want change, and the need to feel fulfilled, create it. Let the creative mind blossom with ideas and spirit, start Doing instead of Waiting. Do what you feel to do, and want to do. Take the risk of failure, heartbreak and injury. You will never experience any outcome if you don’t try, and Take the Risk.

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