Remaining Teachable

Theater Of PainThe strive to master a new talent, can easily end up in heartless emulation. Skimming through the pages of an instruction manual, without perception of context, will certainly end your career as the Romantic Hero. Reflection and Consideration from the words of the Wise One, does not involve Obedience outside personal Independence. But to keep growing and Remaining Teachable.

Feeding of the strength and intelligence of others is great for reference, but will never bring any chance of unique discoveries. There is fear in letting go of emotional routine and attachment to partners in crime. Sailing beyond the horizon alone for the first time, seems like a scary scenario when played through the mind. Many will identify with the fear to walk alone, being outside looking in, is an illusion. It is the cultural systems that are build upon false security and false superiority. You walk alone, but are never lonely.

Taking an act of bravery and accepting the possibility of failure, injury or heartbreak is the way of the strong and intelligent. When the world are your test-tube, and life the experiment, there is only so much time for careful analysis and calculations beforehand. Practicing Mindfulness and harmony, throughout brute-force experience, will bring detailed experimental evidence to learn from.

Life is Short and Time is of the Essence, Stop Waiting and Start Learning

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