Put the Power Back

Riot PoliceThe Police, Fire department, Army and Overall Government are your Employees. The idea behind democracy in general, is to have a political system where the people have the ability to influence the leaders. It’s a cute idea, but like it usually ends, human greed takes over human need. There is no way back to our human roots, our dependence has grown to large.

Is it just a consequence of time, or intentional planing, that we are more dependent on external forces today than we ever have been in history. People in the modern world wouldn’t survive for more than an hour without access to the infinite luxury that are presented. When the power goes out, panic becomes unavoidable and riots are common place. The nearest supermarket blows up, and we are likely to starve to death.

Like the conspiracy states. People in power have control over anything, even the human mind. We, the people, are like pigs on a farm. We receive food, shelter and security from the ones above us. We take pride and comfort in the ignorance of the real world, on the other side of the fence. If anyone disobeys, that anyone will be stripped from the luxury.

Democracy is a Dictatorship of the Moral MajorityPekka-Eric Auvinen

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