Go Back to Sleep

Sleepy CatJust stay with me, safe and ignorant, go back to sleep, go back to sleepPerfect Circle. The urge to feel fulfilled and self-actualized, is often taken advantage of by the unknown authority. Just Go Back to Sleep and we’ll deal with the rest. We will help you in your busy life, feed you and keep you entertained.

We are told not to question the so called Fundamental Laws of our societies. They were once written, a long time ago, and will remain that way forever. Written in a time with many unknowns and little interest in politics. Where religion and fantasy came before logic and reason. Where authority was clear, and corporal punishment a common pastime.

Revolts and complaints came in by the masses, numbers grew larger everyday. The ones in charge agreed to change their ways, in their own way. Control over the world became less physical and more mental, less violence and more Mind Control. Instead of controlling by sending out knights to perform horrific bloodshed, they control the media and successful commercial products. With their dangerous amount of knowledge about the human mind, they send out subliminal messages and tales of seductive lifestyles to keep their Sheep entertained.

This charade will continue until they have reached the ultimate goal, A New World Order. The entire world as we know it controlled from a single point. Acceptance by the sheep wont be necessary, they have been brainwashed enough to accept a bar-code on the back of their neck. We’ll keep an eye on them 24/7 just to be safe.

Mental and Spiritual Independence is Crucial for Mankind to be Free

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