Figure it Out

Cloth Embroidered By A Schizophrenia SuffererThe Human Mind will find the Answer to Everything, Except Itself. From the nature of the wind, to the structure of the atom, the human mind has found many answers. But never the answer to it’s own existence or where it is heading. The mind itself is a complex and unpredictable piece of engineering, that is easily influenced by outer stimulus. Will it ever Figure itself out?

Mental Health describes the brains indirect workspace, things you know are there, but you cannot touch or alter. Thoughts, Feelings and Instincts just exist. You can trace their origin and analyze their effects, they cannot be manipulated. Hormonal changes and physical movement gives the mind a push in another direction, for the better or worse.

Our eyes are windows to the mind, it quickly realizes what it likes and follows it with accurate precision. All of the movement observed is recorded, analyzed and stored. Using logic and past experience, it tries to put together the inner workings and cause of what is observed. Most of the possibilities are written down, some are put to test and hopefully it draws a final conclusion.

Observing, Thinking and Concluding. That’s the Scientific Method of the mind

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