False Perception

Rubin VaseThe self will happily accept and follow that which seems profitable to it’s own existence, past experience accounts for nothing when profit is involved. The memory of the mind is fully aware of what it once tried, and failed. The newly perceived opportunity has promise to it, though it is the same as before. The weak mind is subject to False Perception.

The minds Perception of objects, people, feelings etc. Are often narrow-minded assumptions of the norm and human clan-mind. The first impression of any human being is judged by the take of the majority. The connection and fear of being left alone by society, prohibits any Independent self. Misunderstanding of feelings and their arise, the voice of self-intuition or message from divine being, allows the almost demonic phenomena to take control. Logic and reason is clouded by their perceived message, if only it were to understand that it is merely a force that brings weakness and limitation.

It’s time to wake up and notice the False Perception. Become aware of true reality and thoroughly analyze every second of existence. To master the self and nurture the strong character. Question the source of any piece of information, and place of authority. Ignoring the things you know to be false and never forgetting past experience in life.

Always Allow Periods of Solitude, Independence Grows and Nurtures the Free Thinker

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