False Cooperation

Being forced to cooperate is like filling a bucket with holes in the bottom. You can fill it how much you like and how many times you like, but it will always leak out and you will have to start over. Cooperation is just that, a leaking bucket. Family, School, Work, all teach you the seemingly importance of cooperation. Once you have found yourself, you realize that it all was just False Cooperation.

Cooperation is the process of two or more people working together, in order to finish a task quicker and more efficiently. Cooperation is rarely something that comes natural to anyone, it has to be taught when it is needed. And taught again for the next assignment. Family members teach the newly conscious child to cooperate with everyone, and punish when there is lack of it when needed. School teachers will do the same thing, with a little scientific theory thrown in. It continues all the way to the workplace.

This is nothing more than False hope. Everyone taking part in the cooperation is fully aware of it’s own individualism and independence. Mankind is a clan-minded being, equality is impossible, there has to be a leader. The leader is selected unconsciously by the group, their own interpretation of a leader is mixed with experience and human relic mindset. The leaders commands are obvious and easy to follow. He has mastered the language of the mind, and is not afraid to use it.

We are Born with Qualities of Empathy and Compassion, not Cooperation

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