Endless Struggle

HierarchyThe Endless Struggle of mankind. The relic urge for power over everything. Your vision of the world is perfect, you know what you need and where everyone has their place. Greed is not a part of your vocabulary, They need to listen up and obey your rules. Cooperation is not possible, only you understand your vision.

It’s Endless. So many people before you have tried their best, and failed long before they reached their goal. Mankind is fully aware of it’s history, the great achievements and downfalls. Many learn from what happened in the past, and will think twice before attempting anything that had a bad outcome. Yet, a small group of people try and wont stop until they get noticed. Time is of the essence, and life is to short.

The Struggle is pointless. No one will survive long enough before they reach their goal. The Roman Empire, Egyptians, Nazis and Soviet Union. All had a beginning and end. All empires will fall, even the greatest one. Once the masses realize their position, that their power is limited, they unite and revolt. The once crazy idea of the ones at the top, is part of reality and common place. Mortality is not true to them. Their power is greater than any imaginary divine being.

You can Work your way up the Hierarchy, But you will Die before you Rule the World

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