Dying with Good Taste

Profits: Finance vs ManifactureThe religious strive for economic and material growth, is more holy than independent and free thinking. Could it be the natural clan-mind of humans, or an intentional outcome from successful advertisement. A tough mystery to crack, has the eternal greed been created by man, or has it always been there. All and all, the glutenous use of resources, will have us Dying with Good Taste.

The goal of any serious investment by any company, is to make it grow and turn into a small fortune. Every financial decision is made with careful analysis before it is put to action. Ripples or delays in transactions are carefully evaluated. The value of money is more valuable than any supposed divine being, even though the bankers don’t admit it and carry on with their personal spiritual beliefs.

Material and financial growth is the ultimate strive, without goal, in the 21st century. Many will give up their health and learning capability for the sake of having a little more. To be snowbound in the idea that more money, will bring more happiness. The state of emotion and well-being is controlled by notes made of cotton, with numerical values printed on.

When the valuable resources dries out, what good will money do then. The only thing money has given you is comfort. Comfort in the ignorant isolation to the real world.

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