Unfair Safety

Adolf HitlerThe human need for safety is a strong one. People are willing to give up it’s Free Will and Individualism for the sake of safety and comfort. Questioning it’s authority is not prohibited, but encouraged. Though he chose not to. The comfort and predictability is to important. This give rise to Unfair Safety.

The Individual has important needs to be fulfilled, without them He cannot develop properly. There are several psychologists who have attempted to construct lists of these needs. According to Dr. Maslow the most important needs are as follows: Breathing, Food, Water, Sex, Sleep, Homeostasis and Excretion. Most individuals who has had a proper upbringing can identify with these needs. In the modern world, needs such as: Breathing, Food, Water, Excretion and Sleep are easily fulfilled. Homeostasis however, the need for a safe environment, is not an guarantee.

It is the Environment that sets the standards, tells you what to feel and how to act in certain situations. As with every society, the Environment has a leader, the individual on top of the hierarchy. Below him are the people that follows and looks up to him. What he does, they do. What he says, they say. What he thinks, they think. His only fear is individualism, that his herd will become self-aware and revolt against it’s shepherd. He will most certainly lose his position, but the need is still there, the need for a safe environment. The herd will unconsciously select a New shepherd, the one who is the most dominant and brave. The ones who go against him, will suffer the consequences.

The Important Thing is not to Stop QuestioningAlbert Einstein

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