Self-Actualization Barrier

Hierarchy Of NeedsWe can all identify with certain needs around us. Those needs we cannot fulfill we seek elsewhere, and let others do fulfill for us. There seems to be a gap between Esteem and Self-Actualization. A Barrier, The Self-Actualization Barrier

If you look at people in general, you will notice their distinct group behavior. A group of people that trusts one-another, without any judgement. If a member has trouble, follow the Eye for an Eye morality and “Solve” the issue. There is no I only We. What a beautiful thing to live by, friendship and love. But there is a problem, Independence and Self-Actualization.

When a person get stuck in a group, they may improve upon some of their Esteem. Abilities such as: Self-Esteem, Confidence and Respect by Others are easy to grasp. However, abilities such as: Achievement and Respect of Others are not certain. This is the Barrier.

When you are limited by the acceptance of the group, you cannot fulfill and Achieve your inner goals. You could become daring and independent of anyone, including the group. You may think that you are independent, but your morals of what is good and bad have already been set by the group. The group members attitudes are your view of people, the Normal.

Step out of the Comfort Zone

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