Respect my Authority

All Seeing EyeYou are mere sheep in a herd, and I am your master, the Big Daddy. You go where I go, You say what I say. I offer you to be your safety, thinking and intelligence. On the conditions that you follow my lead and do what I tell you, no matter what. I do not rule alone, Many of my followers are my minions, they to do what I tell them. So you better Respect my Authority.

Mankind no longer has anything that is even close to, what we used to call, Independence. You, your parents, their parents and the forefathers before them. Where all told how they should feel and act in certain situations, the Leader sets the Standards, not you. Independence is all but a necessary illusion, necessary because of the feeling of false self-control and uniqueness. The control goes deep into your mind, past the conscious to the unconscious, all the way to your ego.

They, whoever they are, took the shot with deadly accuracy and succeeded. We are all in a control scheme, a pyramid. We, the mortal people, are all the way down without any privilege of power. Working way up, there is the mass media, law enforcement, army and politicians. The scheme stops at the top and goes not further. All of the below are controlled and continuously watched from this point, The All Seeing Eye. They are most commonly known as The Illuminati, The Enlightened or The Woken Up. For their knowledge and ability to control the human psyche from the back of their hand.

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