Power of Fear

SpiderI will Tear out your greatest Fear, then shove it in your Face!. To gain complete control and Power over someone, you have to learn the victims greatest fear and use it against him. There is no telling what it could be, it could be something horrifying, or something that you find silly. All and all, there is a Power of Fear.

To use Fear as a weapon may seem cowardice, but it is used all the time. In a war, there is fear of losing. In a difficult test at school, there is fear of failing. In the workplace, there is fear of losing employment. Fear is usually something made up, that you create yourself in a difficult situation. But it can also be intentional.

The law of 100% Internet surveillance and filtration is about to pass, the crowd get suspicious. The one suggesting the law reads further along the bill, he reads loudly about the ability to effectively catch terrorists, pirates and Internet bullies with this new law. The crowd agrees and the law passes. Sound familiar? This is a great example of intentional use. He turned a really bad thing to a seemingly good thing, using Fear of terrible things among the victims to gain trust.

The use of Power is obvious, only use fear of something against the victim and you will climb higher in the hierarchy. It’s even better if you agree to protect the victim, with the price of admission. The victim eagerly agrees and loses in the process.

Judge from your own Experience

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