Political System Conspiracy

United NationsWe all had it very simple once. Simply put down the troublemakers with a Colt, cut their head of with an axe or burn them to death. The “political” system was merely humanistic. Based on lust, violence, greed and envy. Then the people had enough, enough of the violence and invented what we now call Humanistic. A system ruled by the people.

It all seems to work alright. Voting among the people once in a while and regular voting by the selected representatives. New bills get suggested, some pass, some get turned down. They face allot of critique and changes are made ruthlessly. It needs to fit the current system and the agreed Constitution. The people have the right to state their opinion, as long as they follow the guidelines of the law and order. Which can also be changed.

We all like to think that the System is perfect in every way. But it is still not uncommon with corruptions taking place, still ruled by our nature. Lust, Violence, Greed and Envy. Some leaders get the uncontrollable temptation of abusing their power against other leaders, or the people they are leading. They start wars over their own greed. They take down opponents over their own envy.

Only a few things have changed since our anarchistic past. But the violence between enemies are still there. Major proponents get silenced by the authority for the smallest of violation, and suspects get taped 24/7. For our safety they say, not keeping their obvious secrets.

Democracy is a Dictatorship of the Moral MajorityPekka-Eric Auvinen

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