Pain and Suffering

VictimsPain is inevitable, Suffering is optional. In the way of thought, on trying to locate the meaning of life and existence, you always come across suffering. It is the truth that you cannot avoid, where attempts are futile and the cause of action is desperation. Suffering is the ultimate truth, you learn to live with and accept. But you always feel the pain.

Suffering is the fabric of life, the ocean. We sit in our boat, in the ocean of suffering, waiting for the wind, happiness. The ocean, suffering, will always be there and we will always bob in it. It is one of the few things in our understanding that is Permanent. The winds are unpredictable, and does not last forever. The true icon of Impermanence.

Pain is the unfortunate mishap of our mistakes. Once it happens, you cannot avoid it. A stupid mistake, that may seem wise at the time. Blows you overboard, into the waters. The infinite suffering grows intense, and the climax is the Pain. The seem to be infinite happiness, made you ignorant of your Mindfulness. And now you must pay the inevitable price. Pain.

Be Mindful of your Thoughts and Deeds, Ignorance cause Inevitable Pain

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