Nothing but Trouble

CirceYou use a clever disguise, acting like that cute and clever little goody two-shoes. Many fall for you everyday, I don’t blame them, what man doesn’t want a woman that is perfect in every way? Sadly, It is all but an illusion. Behind the pretty hair and blue eyes there is a dangerous attitude, highly masochistic in nature. That girl is Nothing but Trouble

You are like the Greek goddess Circe. Fooling your ignorant victims with your seductive attitude into your house, drugging them and turning them into animals with magic. You then devour them in a big feast, where you fool even more victims. The drugs you produce are highly potent, the dangerous amount of knowledge in your field makes us fall in an instant.

Your seductive clothing and social attitude sparks strong attraction amongst our ignorant minds. Your pull is that of the feminine Sun, remaining passive and gets attention without any effort. The Warmth and Energy you irradiate is part of your clever illusion. You didn’t inherit or copied the behaviour from anywhere, It is all made up. It is an effective and necessary component of your evil plans.

The nature of your kind prohibits you from taking any action, you must produce everything yourself and not more than you need. Therefore you seek pleasure elsewhere, through pain and humiliation. You see beauty and strong climatic pleasure in causing great pain to your victims. Both physically and psychologically. The intelligent design of your plans makes the victim think that it is him that’s causing the pain, and not you. Which gives you even more pleasure.

The Greatest Wisdom is Seeing Through AppearancesAtisha

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