Information as a Weapon

InformationWe live in the information and communication age, the age of industry is long gone. Today the most powerful weapon is no longer a big number and brute force, but knowledge and communication. When you know everything about everything, including your enemy, you can quickly spread the word and make their own force turn against them.

In the time before mass communication systems and reliable writing technologies, the best line of defence and attack was brute force and strategy. The first and most simple concept to grasp of our unconscious mind, Aggression. We have had the ability to perform the most destructive actions in our time, for as long as we have existed. From the power of trowing a rock at your enemy, and beating them to death with a stick. To the exploitation of a thermonuclear metal. And finally, the use of the lethal force of nature. The technology has changed and developed dramatically over time, but the intention and outcome is clear. Aggression.

This day and age we see a shift in warfare. The use of violence is considered wrong and immature, in other words, Mans inert nature. Mankind has on a large scale been enlightened from our aggressive past, and brought into a constant strive of Outsmarting the enemy. The once trusted political leader, is caught with his pants down. The nature of his horrible lies is quickly spread across the world. And both his own people and people around the world take action. You would think that the exposer is the media, sorry no. The trust in media ended with the end of the industry age. It’s simple people like you and me, with a dangerous amount of knowledge in it’s field.

Trust only yourself, And your fellow man

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