Holy Entertainment

Donald Duck on the Walk Of FameIs it harmless fun? To see the mysteries and acts of life being played in every scenario imaginable. Reenacted or made up, humor or drama, funny or serious. The information is taken in by the viewer, past any thinkable judgment. The actors play their roles with such empathy that it has to be true.

There is no reason for any judgment or questioning. The television is on, with the latest high quality Hollywood Entertainment. You can identify with the characters feeling and emotion. The love, the hate and the sadness. As the intelligent human being you are, on top of the food chain, you Can and Should judge what you see through your own experience.

You avoid questioning it’s source. The written stories put into action gives you confirmation of your busy life, or what it could be. It becomes Holy to you. These men and women show you how the world should be, where every action has an positive reaction. Just when you thought you where independent from any outside stimulation, to live by your own rules and morals. You find yourself in a Dogma. You, the viewers, are mere sheep in a herd. Ruled by it’s shepherd, Hollywood.

If you really believe that every individual is unique and has it’s own goal in life, then set the example by starting with yourself. There is no real practicality to achieving this goal, or if it’s a goal at all. Spiritual teachers often suggest a period of solitude. A period in your life where you avoid as many distractions as possible, including television. To find your true unique ability, to finally be able to think for yourself, Independence.

Unthinking Respect for Authority is the Greatest Enemy of TruthAlbert Einstein

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