Grow or Wither

Grow Or WitherOut of Many, OneLatin Proverb. You depend on the actions of others, and their health may depend on yours. It’s easy to forget that much of what we do, is what determines our future. The Cause will have an Effect. Good or Bad, Thoughtful or Evil. It will make you Grow or Wither.

You Grow from the point of your birth. The only true mission throughout the rest of your insignificant life, is to Learn. You love the idea of uniqueness, that each one of us is unique. There is no two people that are completely identical. In terms of looks, yes. In terms of psychology, no. We, the human race, have allot in common. Our Lust, Aggression, and Thought are all the same. What sets us apart, our uniqueness. Is our Speech, Actions and Looks. They are such a small part of our being, yet we spend an entire lifetime nurturing and developing them.

You Wither from loss of Mindfulness and Good Will. You intentionally lost the traits from your own Evil Actions, Harmful Speech and Greedy Thoughts. You have lost the awareness of the world around you, how and why, people and nature, act the way they do. You have lost the wise and thoughtful act of giving, you are nothing without others. You celebrate the acts of Evil, Harm and Greed you bring on others. The nature of your being prohibits you from growing, when you express such selfish traits.

Be Mindful, and you will Grow. Be Greedy, and you will Wither

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