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DevilSo What I Lied, The Truth Would have been SuicideSick Puppies. One lie can lead to another, it can go on for so long that it’s impossible to break the chain, without hurting someone in any way. When the opportunity of a lifetime rise to attention, the temptation is so strong it takes over. The temptation to finally Get your Way.

To rise to the top of hierarchy, to gain power over everyone seems to be the ultimate goal of any human being. To be able to have infinite power, where the non-believers of your ways get the punishment they deserve. You are the ruler, your likes and dislikes, are the peoples likes and dislikes. Once you have mastered the human psyche, and you have seemingly like-minded followers. Your power will quickly grow, and there is always room for more. Like with all greed, it never ends.

The idea of a steady time-span is out of the question, it has to happen NOW. One lie gets uttered, the trust increases and thus the power. To back up the claim, another lie gets uttered. It goes on into a very long chain of lies, and is now routine. The irony of gaining trust with the use of lies. Great effort is put into generating more false trust and defending the claims, the entire career of leadership is built on the foundation of lies.

Gain Followers by Expressing your Opinions, Not by Degrading those of Others

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