FocusIn a world with endless possibilities, and where everyone wants to be heard. Our Focus easily gets blurred from what is important, and directed at what makes us feel good. It’s easy to forget the eternal law of Impermanence, and that our life is bobbing in the ocean of permanent suffering, with occasional winds of happiness.

Everything is moving by, humans, animals, scrap, dust, particles and atoms. They are all defined as different Things, but are all connected. You could easily divert your attention from what you strive for, yet you chose not to. You Must stay on the path, must reach the goal, must be happy again. The goal is reached and you are happy again. Everyday you experience more and more happiness, something that feels this good can’t be wrong and has to last forever. Then one day it leaves you, through time, through decay, through death. And you are back where you started, the cycle repeats.

It sounds so easy, to let everything go and watch the world go by. Not interacting with, or trying to alter what is happening. It may take some training and time to develop, but is still possible. Direct our Focus from our selfish and indulging needs, and widen our view of the world. Not interacting, or altering. In any dimension.

The Universe controls the movement, You control the Focus

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