Effort, Concern and Result

WorkingThe Result Overshadows the Past, and the Future is Bright. There must be Effort in doing anything, for your own or any one else good. The Concern about failure is an illusion, to succeed there must also be failure. The Result is always a victory, whether good or bad.

Wise and Strong Effort must be put in what is good and beneficial. Good for your own development and beneficial for everyone else. To allow yourself to learn, the gift of knowledge, is the best gift you can give yourself. Learn the universal truth of suffering and it’s arise, Learn to follow and understand them. Not through blind faith, but experience. Your life has no meaning without your relation to others. They must be nurtured and shown your true appreciation. Materialism does not last, it slowly decays with time. Wise appreciation through words and deeds, may change their life forever.

Concern about failure does not bring any benefit, therefore it is unnecessary. True Concern comes from compassion, compassion for the well being of others. Your own well being and psyche is good enough, there is only infinite greed to be filled. Nature has it’s own ways, that may not agree with your ways. Concern for it’s effects or Effort against them are unnecessary. You are less than a grain of sand in it’s space and time. The laws and standards are set, follow or die.

The Result from your actions are always deserved. There are no good or bad Results, only Results. It’s only a noticeable effect from your Efforts. Do good, and good you shall receive. Do bad, and bad you shall receive.

The Greatest Effort is not Concerned with ResultsAtisha

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