Copycat Counterfeit

Black CatThere is no one to blame, the chain has gone on to far, far before my own existence. We are all Copycats, a Counterfeit copy of someone else. From our parents, their parents and their parents. An endless chain of copying attitude and personality.

The human race likes to perceive different individuals as unique and one of a kind. To the mind it may seem true, but it’s only toxic ignorance. Everyone you can see around you has copied it’s ways from someone else. Some are sensitive to the media, some are sensitive to parents influence, even computer games are to blame. We simply mimic behaviors we perceive as profitable to our existence. You want to be like your father because of the knowledge he has in his field.

The most sensitive and influential period of a child’s life, is when he just finished developing his consciousness. During that period he has NOTHING to judge his experiences with. No past experience or moral, it all goes in.

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